About Me


My name is Max Roth and I work in voice recognition. Freesr is a project I wrote many years ago and I’m thrilled to release for free personal use to the world.

I’ve done a lot of different roles from business owner, software developer, voice recognition system designer, and program manager/team lead.

The last few years, I have led a team of voice recognition developers and designed the voice recognition system for one of the world’s most beloved car brands. This system will be worldwide in all their vehicles. I also led the voice recognition team overseeing 5 other car/motorcyle brands including proof-of-concept development.

Today, I work as a consultant in voice recognition. I can do development work as well as project management activities and product design. These include:

  • Design of voice recognition flows for products
  • Detailed requirements writing that meet customer specs
  • Voice recognition testing and validation- automated and in person
  • Native testing voice user interfaces across dozens of languages to ensure a localized exceptional experience
  • Software development of grammars, dialog managers, middle layer, design tools, and testing applications
  • Benchmarking voice recognition solutions and doing comparative analysis of vendors (Nuance, Voicebox, Microsoft, Google, etc)
  • Triage of voice recognition applications to resolve late development cycle issues
  • Choosing and managing voice recognition suppliers throughout the entire development process from project conception through to final release and post-release support

I’m available for contract work (T&M or fixed fee). Contact me on LinkedIn here.