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You don't need software that costs hundreds of dollars for voice control! Freesr makes voice control simple and intuitive. Save your money. Make personalized voice commands to do all your routine tasks and execute them with just your voice. No more navigating menus or remembering complex keyboard shortcuts. Just speak what you want and your computer will do it. Try Freesr Speech Recognition today.

Make voice commands

Freesr Speech Recognition is personalized to you. Freesr's philosophy is that a small collection of really great voice commands, tailored to your exact needs, is far more useful than a million general ones that are hard to memorize and easily misrecognized. This allows you to use any inexpensive microphone and PC while increasing accuracy and speed. It won't bog down your computer.

With Freesr, you get to decide what voice commands you need for your workflow. Creating personalized voice commands is its strength! Make voice commands for any program, window, or website. No programming or complex knowledge required. It's simple, fast, and effective.

New Feature! Push-to-Talk!

Freesr now supports Push-to-Talk. Hold down the designated Push-to-Talk key on your keyboard and say your voice commands. When you are not holding the key down, the microphone is off. Use voice commands exactly when you need them! Also, now works with Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium/Professional. Never before has this much power been available for Dragon Naturally Speaking users.

See how simple it is. Click to see screenshots.

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freesr voice commands at a glance

5 Voice Command Challenge

Take the 5 voice command challenge. Try making 5 voice commands. Yes, that's all. 5 easy to remember and personalized voice commands will transform the way you use your computer. Once you get used to giving commands to your computer, it will be hard to use your computer without it. Take the challenge. Download Freesr Speech Recognition today.

Why use speech recognition?

Speech Recognition (also known as Voice Recognition) has come a long way. Today, it is fast and accurate. You'll be amazed at how easy it is. With Freesr, you can:

  • Make voice commands for all your routine tasks
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to use the mouse all the time.
  • Eliminate having to memorize keyboard shortcuts. Just say it.
  • Speed up your work by focusing on the task at hand.

What microphone do I need for Freesr?

voice recognition headset

Any microphone you have handy! Freesr will work well with any microphone you have. Your laptop probably has a microphone builtin. If you have a headset you use for Skype, that will work too. See our Microphone Reviews Page if you don't have one or want to upgrade to a better microphone. For the price of a pizza, you can have nearly perfect command and control accuracy.

voice commands

Unique Features

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Freesr is also an online community. Go to our Forum and ask any question you have about Freesr or voice recognition in general.

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